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Potassium Sodium Tartrate


Chemical Name: Rochelle salt; seignette sait

Molecular formula: KNaC4H6.4H2O

Molecular weight: 282.23



Character: Colorless translucent white crytalline powder with salt cool taste and has light efforescence in warm air, specific gravity 1.79, melting point 70-80ºC, Losting 3 molecule water at 100ºC and becoming anhydrous salt at 215ºC, oaxilly soluble in wate, practically insoluble in ethanol and its aqueous solution appears aikaiescence, PH value is 6.8 to 8.

Specifications: Complies with (IV) & Enterprise Standard

Uses: Used as electronating agent(reducer) in plating of printing, mirror, and thermos industries; as complexing agent in electroplating industry; in the making of crystal speakers and microphones in telecom industry; asdesalting agent in chemical fertilizer ustry; and also used in glass industry and other industries.

Packaging: 25KG net in Kraft/Plastic Bag lined with PEbag.



Item Index
Content ≥% 99.0-102.0
Alkalinity qualified
Arsenic(As)≤% 0.0003
Heavy metal(Pb)≤% 0.001
Moisture % 21-26

Enterprise Standard

Item Index
Content ≥% 98.0
Chlorie(Cl)≤% 0.005
Heavy metal(Pb)≤% 0.001
Sulfate(SO4)≤% 0.03
Iron(Fe)≤% 0.002
Arsenic(As)≤% 0.0002
Reaction of water soiution qualified
Insolude water ≤% 0.01